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All you need to know about potatoes


Welcome to our new website.

Potatoes are New Zealand’s favourite vegetable and we want to help you enjoy them even more.

We have great recipes, tips for cooking, nutrition info, history snippets and quirky facts and figures about the potato.

From the team at potatoes.co.nz

Potatoes NZ Inc

The voice of - and for - New Zealand's potato industry.

Potatoes NZ Inc represents the interests of over 200 New Zealand potato growers, who grow potatoes for the table, for processing into potato products, or as seed potato.

Potatoes.co.nz promotes potatoes in New Zealand and aims to increase consumption of the versatile and nutritious potato.

For more industry information visit www.potatoesnz.co.nz




New potatoes are in season

Serve new potatoes with a tomato chilli salsa as seen at a recent Tapas and Wine Event at The New Zealand School of Food & Wine in Auckland, attended by Home Economics and Technology teachers.

For more information on What is a new potato visit the Potato Know How section on new potatoes.


New Zealand GAP

Grown professionally so you can buy with confidence

In New Zealand there is an assurance programme known as New Zealand GAP - Good Agricultural Practice.

It provides a traceable, accountable system from crop to customer and ensures that best practices are employed in the production, packaging and distribution of vegetables.

Visit www.newzealandgap.co.nz